Calabash Office Cleaning Services provide a range of personalised London office cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning and floor treatments tailored specifically to the needs of our clients. These clients rely on us to maintain their image as represented by their offices. Our emphasis has always been to provide a service that encourages clients to remain with us over many years. The only way to do this is with regular supervision of our uniquely trained office cleaners, plus good communication with our clients.

A washroom hygiene service (ladycare units,  air fresheners, soap dispensers, paper towels, hand dryers, sanitisers, water management, urinal deodorisers, clinical bins, babyminder stations, babyminder child seats, nappy bins & dust control mats) is also provided, with all units maintained and serviced on a monthly basis.

Many clients have saved money by using Calabash’s specialist acoustic ceiling cleaning service to restore metal pan ceiling tiles (rather than replacing them).

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